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About me

People describe me as intuitive, warm, to the point, and wise. I like to add a touch of humor, especially in challenging times. I have a direct approach, am a good listener, and can sense people and situations well. I quickly get to the core, see the whole situation, and address what is truly happening. I work not only from the mind but also from intuition, the subconscious, and the body. I see people in their entirety without judgment.

My Story


As a young girl, I always knew there was more between heaven and earth. My father's Holocaust history seeped into my youth through various spiritual experiences. Later in my life, especially around the illness and death of my first wife from cancer, I have experienced that as a person, you can grow and become happy again, even in the midst of the deepest sorrow.

I completed a 4-year program in Transpersonal Psychology at the Academy for Humanities in Utrecht and I am trained as a transpersonal counselor. Additionally, I'm trained as an EFT relationship therapist. I am also a certified masseuse and Reiki master, and I have undergone training in healing, bodywork, and family constellations. Living in Japan, Australia, and Indonesia broadened my perspective on the world and humanity. I earned a Sociology propaedeutic diploma (1991) and a Communication Science master's degree (1996) from the University of Amsterdam. I worked for various organisations as an independent marketing consultant for many years, deepening my understanding of diverse (organisational) cultures and learning to discern the real question behind the question.

I bring all these experiences into my work as a counselor and relationship therapist, using them for the benefit of my clients.


Please feel free to connect for more information or to make an appointment.

+31 6 4708 4424

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