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Individual Therapy and Counseling

We may not always control what happens in life, but we can control how we respond to it.

Together, we'll explore your experiences and questions, identifying what you aim to achieve in your counseling journey. I tailor my approach to your needs and what is necessary for your guidance. In counseling, all aspects of being human are involved – behavior, emotions, thinking, the body, spirituality, and the social environment are interconnected and influence each other. I provide tools to help you look at yourself with compassion and take steps on your own path to the future.

I work from the belief that the answers to life's questions are already within each person. My role is to strengthen your awareness and bring forth these answers. Subsequently, we can experience a new perspective and take steps toward change together. I draw from my knowledge of Transpersonal Psychology, EFT relationship therapy, mindfulness, and various meditation techniques, creating a compassionate environment where you can rest and rediscover your own resilience.


You do it yourself, but not alone.

We always begin with an intake, lasting approximately 60 minutes, to get to know each other and clarify your needs.

Would you like to schedule a session or do you have questions? Contact me via email, phone, or WhatsApp.

You often have no control over what happens to you in this life, but you do have a choice in how you deal with it. Through awareness and emotional processing, you can regain balance. You become less of a plaything of emotions and unconscious forces within yourself, and better able to take control of your life. You develop a solid foundation, anchored in your own existence

1. Life Questions and finding meaning

Perhaps, like many people, you experience feelings of loneliness or a sense of meaninglessness and emptiness. You may no longer know why you should get out of bed in the morning, feeling lost for some time. Everything may feel flat, indifferent, or boring, or conversely, too much and too busy. The extraordinary has disappeared from life, and little can inspire you anymore.

You feel stuck. Together, we will explore what gives your life meaning and stability. I will help you become aware of your feelings and what is important to you, viewing significant events in your life as opportunities for personal growth.


2. Loss and Grief

After the death of a partner, child, parent, or close friend, finding balance in your life again can be very challenging. Coping with a (life-threatening) illness of yourself or a loved one, experiencing a divorce, or losing a job can also be perceived as a significant loss. It's not just the loss of health or family but particularly the loss of yourself or parts of yourself that are important to you. Emotions, recurring images, or stuck thoughts need to be seen and heard. Only then can you let them go or give them a different meaning, allowing you to move forward with your life.

I support people who have experienced loss and help you illuminate these emotions, images, and thoughts so that a new future can emerge.


3. Sensitivity and Spiritual Experiences

Spiritual experiences such as seeing or hearing deceased people, near-death experiences, clear messages in dreams, visions, and telepathy can be confusing and frightening, but with the right help, they can also be very comforting. They rarely stand alone and are not isolated from your daily earthly life. Extraordinary experiences often occur in existential moments of your life. For example, when a loved one dies, you may still feel their presence. But even extraordinary experiences unrelated to death can help you in transformative periods of your life. I help you interpret and better understand these experiences.

I also guide (highly) sensitive people who lose a lot of energy because they (often unconsciously) absorb a lot from others and are sensitive to noise and stimuli.

Together, we explore how sensitivity can be used as a strength, and how you can better set boundaries to allow your unique talents to flourish.


4. Psychosocial Issues

Life can be challenging and difficult at times. You may be struggling with yourself, or your relationship with your partner may not provide what you need.

Feelings of sadness or a burnout due to not sensing your own boundaries and repeatedly crossing them can be overwhelming.

Counseling can help you feel better and freer, experience peace and space, and regain balance in your life.

Could you use some help?

I am happy to guide you in the following areas:

Relationship problems, fears, low self-esteem, feelings of guilt and shame, feelings of sadness, loneliness, purposelessness, stress, burnout, identity issues, coming out, Jewish identity, LGBTQ identity, gender, desire for children, blended families, stress-related issues in career and/or dismissal.

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