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Relationship therapy in Amsterdam

Sometimes, you can't figure things out together. You're stuck in existing patterns, and empathy for each other is hard to find. You often feel hurt, rejected, and misunderstood.

Relationship therapy helps you break patterns, develop understanding, reconnect, restore intimacy and let love flow again.

Regain connection in your Relationship

We now understand that it's entirely logical for partners to encounter relationship problems. In your relationship, you're at your most vulnerable. Your relationship brings you (unconsciously) back to your vulnerability and the need to feel love. If something happens there with the person you love the most, you resist or despair.

Since your partner now triggers tension instead of the closeness and connection you desire, it's challenging to overcome this together. You're -unintentionally- continuously triggered by each other.

Relationship therapy helps break entrenched patterns, develops understanding for each other, and improves intimacy and sexuality. This leads to fewer fights, less misunderstanding, and less loneliness. It creates freedom and more energy to enjoy life together.

Everyone is welcome at my practice, regardless of gender and/or sexual orientation.

Themes I work with include: infidelity, intimacy, separation, polyamory, LGBTQ+ relationships, connection, open relationships, lesbian and gay relations, queer identity, attachment and separation anxiety, setting boundaries, and growing apart.

I am trained as an EFT relationship therapist. Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT) is evidence-based; research shows that this method works. It is an efficient form of therapy. Strong bonds with loved ones provide strength in times of adversity and give meaning to life.

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