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Rates and conditions


  • Individual session: € 90,- per session (60 minutes).

  • Relationship therapy session: € 150,- per session (75 minutes).

  • Individual guidance can consist of one or more individual sessions or guidance over an extended period. The number and frequency of sessions are determined in consultation and adjusted during the process if necessary.

  • Relationship therapy typically involves 8 to 20 sessions, but you always decide how many sessions you want.

  • It's possible to reschedule or cancel an appointment with sufficient notice. If canceled less than 48 hours before the appointment, the reserved time will be charged. In case of illness, a 24-hour cancellation period applies.



  • I am registered as a psychosocial therapist with the national Professional Associations NFG and CAT.

  • Individual psychosocial therapy is often partially reimbursed from supplementary insurance.

  • Relationship therapy is partially reimbursed by CZ health insurer with supplementary insurance.

  • Therapy costs do not fall under the deductible. A referral from the GP is not required.

  • For reimbursement details and health insurers, refer to the NFG website at

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