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General Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the services of Een nieuwe morgen Counseling: Een nieuwe morgen Counseling Barbara Soesan (owner of Een nieuwe morgen Counseling and hereinafter referred to as 'the counselor') is a recognized NFG therapist, RBCZ therapist, and CAT therapist. Een nieuwe morgen Counseling complies with the Wkkgz and is affiliated with the GAT (Dispute Alternative Therapists) dispute resolution body through the CAT.




As a client of Een nieuwe morgen Counseling, you can count on the counselor to do their best to make the process a success. Dedication is also expected from the client (an agreement that one commits 100%). To ensure the necessary bond of trust, both the counselor and the client must exercise all due care towards each other.


For people with psychiatric disorders, addictions, or tendencies towards self-destructive behavior, this form of counseling is not/suitable. In such cases, contact your general practitioner and, if necessary, get a referral to a psychologist or psychiatrist. The counselor does not take responsibility for individuals who still enter a counseling process under these circumstances. If in doubt, consult a psychologist or psychiatrist for a diagnosis.

Ethical Code

A counselor is subject to the ethical code for counselors. Naturally, Een nieuwe morgen Counseling also operates according to this ethical code. The code roughly encompasses six important core values, with the main rule being: Always act in the best interest of your client.



During the process, the counselor must do everything possible to ensure the safety of their client. Counseling is a form of assistance. Exploitation, in any form, is never allowed. Regardless of the setting or counseling fee, the counselor must always work according to the highest ethical standards.

Anti-Discrimination Rules

The counselor must be aware of any potential prejudices and stereotypical views. The counselor must ensure that they maintain an anti-discriminatory attitude and behavior.



The counselor must offer the highest level of confidentiality, as they respect the privacy of their client. This builds the bond of trust necessary for counseling and therapy.



The counselor must inform the client of the conditions and terms under which they offer counseling beforehand. In case of any changes, the counselor must reach an agreement with the client beforehand.



During and around the counseling relationship, the counselor must set and adhere to clear boundaries. They must always consider the effects of overlapping, dual, and/or pre-existing relationships.



The counselor must do everything possible to control the quality of their work, improve their competencies, and always work within the limits of their competencies. The counselor must regularly use appropriate supervision and/or intervision.

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